First Timer's Guide to Daytona Kart Week

We have the opportunity to make it down to Daytona and run kart week this year. We plan on running CIK/LO206 Sprint if we make the trip. We have never been to Daytona so I am hoping to tap into some of the knowledge that some people here have.

I am guessing that the pits are huge, garages are available. Is a garage worth it? Not worth it? How far is the "non reserved" parking if there is any.
My understanding is that we should start on a 21/58 gear, is that in the ballpark?
Tires? Hoosier R60B? Vega Green? Maxxis Prime? We have two brand new sets of Primes, but if they won't work we will go and get something else.
Kart set up? Same as a sprint track?

Essentially we don't know what we don't know, and I am hoping to close that loop up somewhat. I grew up around road racing (cars), so the road racing aspect is not new to us, but taking karts to Daytona is. Any tips/tricks/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


You should post on Facebook in the 206 group or the enduro racers group. Not many people on this forum that road race. I haven't been to Daytona since 2000, but mainly road race. Otherwise just ask people at the track. The road racing community is very helpful and willing to share info to get you up to speed.

You don't need to reserve a garage. They are nice if it does rain, but most people just use their canopies and the pit area is pretty big.

Your gear ratio is about right. I'm normally in the 2.5 to 2.7 range in the 206. It all depends on the draft and where you want to hit the rev limiter and how long you want to ride the limiter. I gear to stay just under the limiter or so when I'm in the draft it only hits the limiter for a little while.

Don't worry too much about the tires. I normally run a used set of sprint tires I have laying around. I've run hard tires like Bridgestone YDS tires, MG Orange and softer stuff like Vega reds or Blues and Hoosier R60's. I like a harder tire when the weather and track are warm and softer when it is colder. You just don't want a tire that is too sticky for the day. It will bind the kart up in the corners and slow you down. I try to run the harder tire to keep the kart free, but if it is too loose I'll put a stickier set on. You'll know when the kart is too stuck. You'll be slow off the corner and the midrange will be lagging. The 206 just doesn't have the power and you want the kart to roll free.

You can always venture over to the sprint track race and get some used tires there.

Most of the time I hardly change anything from a sprint setup to road race. Maybe take a little caster out and get the toe close to zero. Like I said I play with the tire compound to get close and then maybe change front and rear widths.

I'd just change your gear and slap those primes on and get some track time in. Learning how to draft is huge in the 206 class.


I replied to your Facebook question. One thing I forgot. DO NOT practice alone, you will learn NOTHING! Must practice in a group draft, that's how you will race. Big one.....stay OFF the limiter!!! This is not sprint racing! If you get on the limiter at all, drop a tooth.
It will be a hoot!
Clark Gaynor Sr.