Flat Run Speedway Race Results 8/10

Reminder we are off racing this coming weekend 8/17 but will return on 8/24 hosting the PA Racing Lawn Mowers. This will also be our 3rd Annual Egg Race. If you haven't witnessed or experienced this egg race you don't want to miss it. (Good old fashioned fun). All racers including lawn mowers are welcome to participate.

SR. Champ
1. Kevin Hugney

Flat Run Wings
1. Ryan Hack 2. Derek Neidrick

Rookie Purple
1. Camden Frantz 2. Jayley Coval 3. Tanner Hugney

Clone 375
1. Denny Ross 2. Stephanie Corbin

Rookie Blue
1. Brendan Warner DNF: Eli DeArment

1. Darian DeLattre 2. Tyler Lobb 3. Nadia Ebersole

Predator 350
1. Dustin Lucas 2. Chase Roussey 3. Ken Bauman 4. Amber Lucas 5. Cara Ebersole 6. Ryan Hack 7. Emily Berryman

Predator 400
1. Mike Shoemaker 2. Dan Lucas 3. Toby Morelli 4. Kristi Thompson

Caged Rookie
1. Bentley Moore 2. Easton Corbin

Clone 330
1. Noelle Ebersole 2. Jada McKendree DNF: Cody McKendree

More details will be coming this week about extending our racing season. Also we are starting to take reservations for our banquet held on October 5. Moe