Flathead ???


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Ok I'm new to kart racing. Bought kart and motor together the motor has been ported and polished carb work not sure what and head has been milled and a dyna cam I need to know what class this motor is ?
All the flathead classes from stock on up can be ported and polished, but if it is using a stock carb it's either stock or stock appearing. To get a better idea what you have pull the head, stock cams only lift .233 when rolled thru, that's not much and any stock appearing will have more. Jon
Run it on a tach if it reads 10,500rpm it is a limited with a HL 360 or 348 alcohol carb on square fuel pump or round mukini and separate fuel tank. Now if it runs over 7,200 rpm it is a stock appearing with bore out mod B&S carb with the fuel tank. If it is easy to start with rope pull it is probably stock