Florida AllStars world 100 results

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Ok I spent over a hour down loading photo's of the days event and placing pics in this write up to help tell the story of the day. Unfortunatly Bob's 4 cycle is no longer what it used to be. I was unable to attach more than one photo to this thread. so here's the condensed version.

Clearly it's be a big problem promoting any thing in a interesting way here on Bob's any more. pretty disappointed. sorry Hope you get a taste of the day.

I want to thank Wade Murphy and the whole crew at CrossRoads for having the FAS at this years world 100. The air was cool (low 80's) the track was fast and the skys were blue all weekend. We had 9 racers show up and a bunch of old faces and new. I disappointed Dustin Dunn by not spending the time to sort out my 250 before letting him pilot the kart. it blew a head gasket and damaged the head Friday night in practice. The new Burris tires were looking very promising as Dustin reported them to be hooked up on a slick track friday night.

On Sat morning the AllStars took to the track 1st out. This is a big part of our program here in Florida now, The track was in perfect condition allot of solid rubber was layed down in the Friday night shoot out. The AllStars were able to take full advantage of the conditions.

With a line up of racers taking seat for qualifying we had new comers Hoppy Hoskinson on one of Ed Schriefels old 03 Buller karts and powered by one of Ed's backup 131's. Hoppy proved he could get a hold of this package later on. Also a new comer the number 5 of Freddy Insua out of Tampa. Freddy kinda brought a BB gun to a machine gun battle as his little 100cc yamaha was out gunned by the field of 131 sudams 450 honda and 250cc honda's. They hung in did very well. Brandon Well's was back for another shot at the AllStar win with his 390 bad to the bone ground pounder. This kid can drive.

Regulars like Wayne Howe,and runner up at the GN and over all runner up in the UAS National Championship Mike Nicosia drove Jack Buroughs 131 sudam

Troy Robinson set aside his Modified ride and brought his CR 250 bat mobile.

Troy is the winner of our last FAS race at Dirt Devils near Tampa. Troy is one heck of a driver, but sufferd from a mysterious engine issue as the engine would start and run fine on the stand but then would stumble and break up under power on the track. he battled this issue the entire night.

It was great to see Dee Black and crew chief KtMchan back again, Dee drove a ktMchan prepaired westerfield Honda 450, this was to be a test and tune drive for Dee as they had never set the kart down on a track to this point, sounded like a move I make way to often.

After 3 laps of qualifying Brandon Well's was sitting on the pole with a 13.251 lap time, thats getting it done on this big narrow off camber race way. Mike sat outside pole with a 13.403 Wayne Howe Troy Robinson, even with a stumbling engine was in the 13 sec bracket proving he can wheel a kart even with it not up to song.

Ron Anderson put on a amazing show with his sawed off CR250 package, Ron is usually good for a spin some where in his efforts but he had the right gear the right tune and that 250 honda pulled the left front tire 4" off the track and held it there the entire length of the straights, he was hooked up and not afraid to hammer the throttle,

Ron Received a long awaited set of cases I had promised him a darn near year ago. He was like a kid at Christmas playing with it. lol.

For some reason they DQ'ed Dee Blacks effort we didn't pursue a adjustment to put Dee in his earned 6th place spot. Dee felt he wanted to sort out his gear issues and starting out back was fine by him. too this point Dee was looking for that grunt the 450 promised.

A very happy Freddy Insua jr took the 6th place qualifying spot and Hoppy had a brain malfunction and exited the track at the wrong end, fricken rookies lol.

So as the sun started to drop low in the sky and I was getting nervous about these guys having to take to the track in the dark. My pet peeve, They called the AllStars to the grid, wheeew, have I ever mentioned I hate racing at night?.

As the engines came to life on the grid the fence was quickly filling with spectators, I even saw Dee Paschel set his tools down and rest his arms at the fence line, It's be great to see him pilot one of the new 250/450 UAS packages.

After a quick 2 hotlaps the guys lined up, brandons 390 pulled to the easy lead as Howe slid right up into second, Mike had to tuck in behind Wayne and Ron Anderson followed right in next in line as Troy relized he hadn't found the problem and got out of the way exiting the track early in the race.

As Brandon started to set sail on the field pulling a half straight on second Mike and Wayne began a fantastic battle.

As Wayne and Mike battled over second, Ron Anderson was trooping right along in 4th untill he just couldn't stand it and spun coming out of turn 4, I thought Hoppy was going to follow Ron right off track but managed to pull his Sudam back up out of the grass and keep his imprssive drive alive, This is Hoppy first AllStar event and he just kept his nose clean now running in 4th spot. Ron did a quick return to the racing surface but couldn't hold off the charging Dee Black, dee finally got the gear right on his 450 and was putting on a hard charge to real in the leaders.

Freddy was holding his own till the little KT100 had had it's neck wrung long enough, and Freddys day ended with a stuck piston.

By now the battle between Wayne and Mike had grown intense and Wayne fighting off Mikes challenges brought them both right back up to striking distance on Brandon. with about 4 laps to go Brandons 390 had enough braking the cam shaft and ending what looked like a sure win.

Now in 1st Wayne could smell the victory and Mike wasn't settling for second, Mike turned low under Wayne going into turn 0ne. clipping the tire wrapped cone Mike spun and took him self out of the race for the win. He quickly relized his second spot was on the line as Dee was coming in hard, Mike got her turned in the right direction and now he had to hold off the hard charge of one fast 450.

With The top 3 in place Hoppy was rounding out the top 4 and Ron Anderson completed the running finishing order in 5th.

Final results

Wayne Howe earning the 260.00 purse
Mike Nicosia 2nd 100.00
Dee Black CRF 450 debut amazing result for Dee and kt mchan
Hoppy Hoskinson
Ron Anderson
Freddy Insua jr
Brandon Well's his kid is over due.
and Troy Robinson.

Other notables of the Day were visit's from Chris Harell, former FAS Champion, Jimmy Sims former FKA owner and current Box Stock promoter, and long lost Gary Hutchinson. The Doc received allot of pressure from myself to return with at least a young gun in his kart for 2014.

Next in line for the Florida AllStars will be Daytona on December 29th, there's a 2500.0 sponsored purse for this event the money is spread over the top ten so get your stuff ready this will be the WKA World Dirt Championships. Thanks for looking us up hope you enjoy the thread. see you all in a Month.

For those with facebook abilitys I'll post pics on "Taft Racing" in a little while, they won't be tuned into the story of the day but you can see some of the shot's of the days events.
Tim. Thanks for giving Dustin a shot on the 250. He was really disappointed when the head gasket let go. He was looking foward those Burris tires. The new construction of the tire may be just what the high HP needs. They hooked up right off the bat. I wish we had got some more time to test them.

Dustin had a good weekend with the other team for the Shootout and the World 100 beeing it was the first day ever sitting in that kart and his first race this year. 60 entries in the Shootout and Dustin started the main in 29th. It was a wild Shootout and Dustin drove the wheels off of it. He finished a solid 10th. It took the whole race just to figure the kart out. He turned his fastest lap on lap 49.

On Saturday there was 67 enteries and 10 were locked in in qualifying. Dustin had a fuel issue in qualifying and had to start in the back of the B consie. He drove thru the 27 kart field to finish 8th. He turned fast time in the concie and 2nd fast time of the entire weekend of the World 100 drIvers. He started the main in 24th. He looked like he was on a mission. In the first 30 laps he was consistently the fastest kart on the track and drove his way up to 9th. We couldn't do much to the kart at the half way break because of the "no touch" tire rule. We couldn't even remove a tire to do adjustments??? About 10 laps into the 2nd segment the bracket that holds the brake caliper broke off and that ended our day.

All in all. We had a great weekend, beautiful weather, got to see a LOT of old friends, and do some racing at the best karting facility in the country. What more could you ask for.

Good pit reporting. That sure was fun. Still some work to do to get my carbs set right. Thanks for all you do to promote the Florida All Stars
Didn't know you don't like night racing..... Glad your kid does. DId anybody tell you he is one "Cool Dude"
Haha I do both, it helps up north the tracks don't get good till the sun goes down :D I do like a real bitey southern day race tho.
Very good summary.

Thanks Tim for a very good and accurate summary as usual. I was reliving the whole race as I read your article. I just left out the spin around part though. LOL
Now I have to go drool over my cases......
No evidence of any drool here but the comment "For Me?" like a kid at Christmas and no sarcasm after waiting over a year for the cases.

whats that on his chin.... I do beleive a replay is at hand.... OR at least I'm trhough out my red flag.....