Flu shots

95 shaw

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Why do we do every thing possible to avoid exposure to germs and viruses in our environment, inluding sanitizing everything in sight, so we build up no immunity.

Then, have a virus, not normally in our environment injected into our bodies to help give us some immunity?

Does something seem really wrong here?


Dawg 89
Maybe , im getting mine .
I also like to check out the cooks and cashiers at any store i go in during flu season .
Coughing and hacking -- i move on or change plan .


The flu shot is the single largest hoax ever placed on people in this country and continues to be. Think about it folks... all that money and research goes into this supposed shot but they practically give it away in masses??? Big Pharma does NOTHING for free so why would they do this?

Never had one and never will, neither will ANY of my kids.


My grandmom got very sick from a flu shot. The next year she got another one and died from it. I've never got one, never will.

I've never got one either. Not that I have anything against them I just never felt the need to get one. And....I've never got the flu.