Ford mechanic help


I have a 2008 ford escape with the 3.0 engine after its warm the oil light comes on at idle. Oil level is good, do these have any known oil delivery problems.
What weight oil are you using? These can be finicky with anything other than the required oil. I would make sure you eliminate the obvious by making sure you have a good battery charge and connections. Also check the connections to the the sending unit. You can check the pressure with a seperate tester guage if you have one available. You can also test the sending unit. I have not personally seen, but unfortunately have been told, that several of these have had problems with partial blockage of the pickup screen.
I would install a mechanical oil pressure gage to make sure that oil pressure is the problem. If the screen is partially blocked you will see reduced pressure at all RPM's. Could also be a blocked oil filter that the internal bypass has also failed. -- Chuck
The wife called and said the light was on all the this morning. So she called me...I asked if it was making any noise and she said no. So I am thinking and hoping it the pressure switch...gonna change it tonight
I had a 93 F-150, the oil pressure light came on about 1999 :) or so. Some where around 2008 it went out (guess the bulb burned out) when I scrapped her last year the engine was still running strong. Nothing else on the truck worked but......