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I just bought a kart to try out. I know it is aged, but having never raced anything wanted to limit my cost to try it out. Can anyone tell me what I might have? I will have lots of set up questions as I go. Just getting my feet wet here.


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Umm do you have any components for that frame? Did it come with anything? Because. It didn’t come with anything to build that frame to a roller will be a good bit of money and you would probably be better off with a newer roller if you don’t have any components for that chassis.


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No it came with axle sprocket spindles body. Just most bearings are rough and wanted to clean up. Body cracked seat worn. Most parts are repairable. At least that is what my uncle says. He is helping me out get some understanding as he and his kids used to race karts. I ended up getting everything but brakes I think at a kart swap meet.
Oh that’s good. That will be a good start and get you out on the track. I will let the chassis people takeover that want to identify chassis.


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Very old straight rail kart for left and right hand turns.
If you're going to run dirt oval with it, don't expect much, this is where it's best to do research before buying


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I don't expect much. I have a lot to learn and don't even know if I will enjoy running enough to make time to go racing. I priced karts and made the decision to invest less and try it knowing the kart would limit my ability to do well. And it gives me something to blame. Regardless I would like to make it as safe as possible for me and others on the track. Once I learn some basic skills and see what I think would work for me I can invest in better equipment. Thanks for any input, it will help as I try to ask questions for basic setup. I have a winter to research.