Frayed Throttle Cables


A trial w/o witnesses is like racin w/o tech
If you are tired of dealing with the frayed ends of your throttle cables here's a tip for you!
Take a 1" long piece of 1/4" copper or brake tubing and put it in a vice and pinch the end shut
Use a propane torch to melt some solder into the tubing.
Take the end of your throttle cable and dip it in some soldering flux paste and then into the molten solder inside the tubing.
When you remove the cable shake the excess solder off.
If the cable is on the kart already just hold the tubing with a vice grip and do the procedure right on the kart.

Keep the propane torch away from the fuel tank and anything else that's flammable!!!

If the cable is already frayed you can carefully remove those strands with the bench grinder before or after soldering.


Good tip Jimbo. Sometimes we take for granted the things those of us do to make things simple or more reliable.
I needed this a few months ago lol. A kart I recently bought instead of cutting it they looped it up above the throttle. Takes care of the fray and you can adjust it if you have different top mounts.


I tin the last three inches or so of the cable ends with solder before I install them to keep them from fraying.
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A trial w/o witnesses is like racin w/o tech
These are all great ideas but if you have to get the cable through one of those cable splices with a hole that is barely bigger than the cable then shrink tubing or crimping something on the end won't go through the hole.;)