Fresh clone kicks back?


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Got a clone back from rebuild, now the thing will dam near break your arm if your not in the right spot of the stroke. What would cause this? It runs great other than that. Thx in advance..
Reset your valve lash. I watched a guy break a couple pull starters before he bought a new motor. Then figured out the valves weren't set properly on the old motor. Nothing else was wrong with it. I have set mine wrong a few times and had the same thing happen. Almost breaks your fingers.
Did you 'freshen' it, or did somebody else? Where is the 'timing' at? Were the valves adjusted (.000-.005) on the 'compression' stroke? (Break'n ropes doesn't hurt, get'n slapped by them does!)
To much lash ... I have played around with lash settings and have dang near broke fingers from it pulling the handle out of my hand
The spring is likely missing off the compression release on the cam. Ran into the same thing this past summer.
slap by a rope is a breeze, in the flathead days it was the whole pull starter flying back at ya lol

YES SIR been their and done that it hurts.
One knocked out tooth and a cracked rib
7 hr at the ER:mad: All elec start for me
with my modifieds.who came up with the
idea that you can remove the start for
less weight and hold it on with your hand
or place it on then pull????? lmao