Freshen from gold plate to senior light


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Hello, I have two boys currently running gold plates, next season one will probably be running senior lights. I was wondering what changes I need to make for the gold plate to now run no plate? Meaning what springs, cam etc should I run. Also does anything else need done to the carb? We are fairly new into karting so just looking for some advice.
The engines were both rebuild last season for the gold plate class. Thank you
You "can" just pull the plate and run it -- BUT, typically an unrestricted engine will require slightly higher spring pressures, and a bit less fuel. Depending on the size of track and the pipe/cam combination you were previously running, you may need to go up in exhaust pipe size as well. The two engines are built very similar, but a little fine tuning and tweaking on the dyno will still yield some improvement when you can build for a specific application.

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Thank you, that is what I was wondering about. Not sure yet what class my boys will be running yet next season or if we switch to clones so trying to decide weather to put money into the flatheads.
i run senior heavy and have taken thecplate off and put thevmotor right on my
chassis with good results . when freshenup tome hit (gotvnother to run during thecdown time ) my dyno guy really didnt change what was there
other han springs jetvand pipe .