Registration for the FRIGHTFUL FRIDAY ROAR is open. You can go to the following link to register for your class online. Also, I will be bringing a treat for the kids. If you would like to bring some treats so the kids can go from trailer to trailer and collect some candy or treats, you are more than welcome to do so. I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Registration is open for the Frightful Friday Roar!! I am going to try my best to get these entries in to have them on Race Monitor for your first round of practice. It would be helpful if you would register online to get this accomplished. I would like to thank the ones that use our online registration to help us out. It does not cost anything to register until you get to the track and with you doing this ahead of raceday will help me get this new idea accomplished. Also since it is Halloween time, I am bringing Halloween treats and if you would like to bring candy for the kids along with me so the youngsters can go trailer to trailer would be nice. This is something we did at another track Tommy and I ran and everyone really enjoyed it. Then again, if you don't want to participate, that's fine too. It is completely up to you. Below is the link in which you can register for your class.
The online registration for Frightful Friday Roar will close tomorrow at 10:00 AM. I want to thank everyone for using the online registration. While it helps us out in many ways, I figured out a way it will help you as well. By registering online, I can have you ready and Race Monitor will ready your 1st round of practice. This will help you all know exactly how you are doing in preparation for the day's event. Here is a quick reminder to be sure to have your transponder on for your 2nd round of practice. This will be your qualifying. It has really worked will doing qualifying this way and as long as we do Friday Roar, we intend to continue this qualifying system. We are excited about the race tomorrow as we have the most entries registered online then we ever have had. It seems that each race we get more of you to enter which like I said, helps us out. We hope to see everyone out at the track tomorrow. I think we will have a good crowd and good racing. We wish you all safe travels to and from the track.
Good morning everyone! Thirty minutes left for online registration. BUT.....never fear! You can also register at the track! I’m trying to get my last minute things done so I probably won’t be answering my phone much. Hope to see everyone at Woodleaf tonight! Come on out and join in the fun and excitement of the Frightful Friday Roar!