Front end "lead" adjustments??


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Can any one help me understand front end LF and RF L-block location, in relation to "lead" or one forward, the other aft, or both forward?? I have usually run them at the factory setting(flush with back of chassis plate on my redemption) then set the caster. Noticed tonight both sides have about 1/2in play in both fore and aft. I'm just curious if there is any advantage to adjusting here, and why??

One for Todd Godwin, or Msquared????

thanks guys!!
Right from Bear Alignment book, "Most vehicles will tend to turn or veer to the side with the shortest wheelbase." My '07 Buller, Velocity has left side adjustments all the way back and the right front all the way forward, plus the axle is set back on the right rear some .160"
The axle may look like its in the chassis square but its not, the right side will be farther back than the left.
If you move the RF forward away from the RR you are slowing weight transfer to and from the RF tire, having the RF forward will help on exit but may cause a push on entry.
Moving the RF towards the RR tire will cause the kart to load the RF quicker, but it will also unload quicker.
RF towards the RR will help with entry but may cause a problem on exit
And then theres the option of moving both forward or back, forward for big sweeping turns, back for tight turns
Away from the rear tires is lead, towards the rear tires is lag
Basically, the further a tire is from the CG the less weight it will carry and the slower it will load and unload. Based on this, moving the RF forward will cause it to carry slightly less weight both statically and dynamically; the same is true of the LF. How the change will affect the kart will depend on the tires' loadings to start with. If the RF is underloaded, moving the RF back will tend to make more turning power. If it is ideally loaded or overloaded, moving the RF back will tend to hurt turning power.