Front stagger effect?


I was working with my daughters kart tonight to make sure she is ready to go Friday. My work schedule has been so crazy that I have neglected my usual weekly checkup. She has been having an issue with being loose from the center off. 1/8 mile high banked track.
Anyway I put a new right rear of last week and have been working at setting the stagger on the rear. Got it to 3/4 inch finally and decided to check the front stagger. I have been running it at 1 1/4, but tonight it was at 1 1/2. If the front stagger is too much what effect will that have on handling?
Most karts use 1.5" front stagger anyways so id say youre good with that. 3/4 rear isnt enough for most 1/8 mile tracks, im thinking she is pushing until front catches making rear come loose.


Thanks, I put a different left rear on after I put the new right rear to get the stagger down. I will put the original left rear on and send her out.
Tonight when it cools off in the shop I will get her on the scales one last time and re-check everything. Going to be a hot windy night at the track tomorrow, that usually turns into a dry dusty slick race before the night is over.


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Stagger affects chassis rake .
The question , now is what does chassis rake affect .
Transfer , or Timing ?

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Everything I've ever read was biggest effect with front stagger is cross, and then cross effects left side and camber, It also has slight effect on scrub radius and trail of the RF but very minimal 1/4 " bigger RF was like 0.010, So the only effect you notice is the added pre-load to the RF & LR from adding cross, Rake Jamie refers to falls in line there as well, but all I know for sure is it's way over my head.


Ok we got the rear stagger increased, left the front alone, got the camber re-checked, checked the toe and back on the scales. She must have taken a good hit up front sometime or I overlooked the toe setting. Last week I found she was toed out about 1 1/4 so we reset that to 1/8. We will see how it handles for her tonight. It should be better.