FS: Complete KT-100 package (j/s, engine, pipe, clutch)

Ted Hamilton

Design Drafter / Racer
SOLD -- Complete KT-100 package (j/s, engine, pipe, clutch)

From John Hilton by way of Mike Wetherbee... Thought I was going to be able to race it locally, but options have changed.

I've not fired it, but to best of my understanding from them, it's a Buller SX2 b/p KT-100, though it has APPCO stickers on the head, so your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps John will chime in.

Has standard ratio 21:57 on engine, 20mm belts. Clutch appears to be mostly complete, 3 disc Bully, no driver. Bearing on j/s are ok, I'd run a few races and swap out -- little noisy, but not much slop --- maybe just a good cleaning.

Pipe is a KB60. Kermit told us what that is on another thread around here... Probably usable, but better choices exist.

Don't want to make a profit, just get my $$ back. $500 TYD, conti. USA. PayPal preferred -- business transaction. (I'll eat the %)

Can send more pics to serious buyers.

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