Fuel Check Question

I 'm going be running clone next year , here's my question relating to fuel inspection. The first track requires regular pump gas ( gas / ethanol ) while the second track we'll run requires pure gas only. Isnt this gonna cause some fuel check issues with the track tech ?
As the owner/operater of the NEW DT64 digitron fuel tester I can definately tell you yes it will cause you problems even if the track is using an outdated DT47 if you leave a little bit of ethanol fuel in your tank it will make the readings higher since ethanol is a oxygenater and if they use the DT 64 your pretty much gonna need 2 tanks and funnels for each fuel just draining tanks is not enough due to many of the plastic tanks are a little porus on the inside.
Thanks guys for the info / advice . Another issue where I don't understand why track operators don't work together for the good of the karter , but whine about kart counts. An extra tank and funnel is no big deal,,,, just sayin. Shoestring, I went to college in Grayson 30 years ago.Where do you race at ? Krakkergreg, thanks for sharing your info too, especially since you are equipped for the response.