Fuel Injection????


F1 also have access to facilities and engineering personnel and $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to develop their systems. The injection system allows more precise metering of the fuel, but without sophisticated equipment to optimize that metering you're ****ing in the wind.
You must be standing downwind to get you that onery. Go back and read the thread, I first suggested the product linked is not a wise investment for this level as it was generic, I also defended EFI because of it programability, others went on to say if it was so good MC manufacturers and high tech racing would use it. I simply confirmed it is common on high end MC and the most advanced engineered racing equipment use it.


Yeah, I missed you were the author of those other posts, my bad. I'm involved tuning a few motec equipped cars, so I'm a fan of the stuff, but also love a well set up carb when its suitable. Nothing beats simplicity :)


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So essentially we are all saying that in our application and within the kinds of budgets that karters expect fuel injection is not going to be a good option.