Fund-raiser/ Charity For a long time friend


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He crashed his dirtbike in Alabama on 12-27-2013 and has 7 broken vertebrate, 3 broken ribs and a collar bone, along with the punctured lung. He has no feeling from the chest down and is needing some help with the transition into a new time in his life. Its going to help him with everything he needs for when he comes home. 100% will go to his bills and living expenses. You can donate here, if you can't donate, that's fine just send a prayer. You can donate anything of any size.

Super good guy. He will appreciate it. And I thank you. Im the carpenter of the gang, so im going to install a wheel chair ramp at his and his fiances house. And thank goodness for the Alabama emergency medicaid fund.
So far just you and I.
Its looks like I need to step up the campaign a bit.

One of the things I am going to focus on is, building a wheel chair ramp at his fiance's house and one at his house.

Prayers for the guy is helpful also.