Fury clutch on 206 - springs?

Double E Ranch

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I'm sure this question has been asked and answered, so I apologize in advance, but with this site losing all the history I can't find anything on this.

We stepped up to the 206 and have always run an Inferno Fury clutch. We will run the same thing but not sure what spring combination to use. Not sure what the engagement speed is on this new motor. We will be running a required 12 tooth driver and a 64-66 gear.

Thanks for any recommendations.


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On the FLAME clutch i use 2 black springs and 2 white springs.

alvin l nunley

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And if you use those recommendations, and they hold the engine at peak torque, then that’s what you should use. If they don’t hold the engine at peak torque, figure out another combination.

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