G & K racing sponsors and promote products


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Hi guys we are G & K racing we race all over sc and with a 2 more sponsors we will be racing east GA and south NC and all sc, we have 4 karts racing atm we race dirt track we have a big racing crew and are looking to go bigger we love to race. we also have a new youtube channel thats all about racing we post videos on how to do things and the races were at racing and racing vlogs are channel is newish atm but will grow to be big one day. we also will advertise your product at the track and on the channel and the services you offer. the link to the channel is. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSIDilBdYlgmPWaOw1_64A if that dont work look up G & K racing on youtube we would love to advertise for you or you can email me at. patrick_kirkland1206@yahoo.com thx