garmin gps updates

I just bought a used garmin nuvi 205 gps for the wifes truck, turned it on and it prompted me to update it before I can use it. garmin wants 50 dollars for an update (more than I paid for it) is there any way around this? thanks
I always just canceled or choose update later. only updated once had it 5-6 years now. maybe play around with it a little more.
thanks, but as soon as I turn it on, the "garmin" screen pops up then says "loading maps" then goes to the map update notice.. wont let me cancel or move past that update screen. am I doing something wrong?
im guessing the touch screen isn't working. like its not sensing my finger touching the "ok" button, I tried a calibration test but it quit half way thru it and went back to the "map update notice" screen.
goggled it guy on u tube said that they have a pin # to lock it so it can't be used with out it .
the garmin I have the face comes of and there is a reset button but no pin # function I know of same with the other nuvi I have. sorry can't help more
Do they make one that makes noise if you go over the speed limit?
The newer Garmins have free updates - you pretty much have to in order to be competitive in that market, starting about 4 years ago. The one I have now doesn't make a noise when you go over the speed limit, but there is a little box in the lower right hand corner that shows your car's current speed, and the numbers turn to red when you exceed the speed limit. That's nice - no need to let your wife know you're fudging a little.... :)
I bought my wife a Garmin, and have never been satisfied with it. Now, you turn it on and it just says "Searching for Satellites", and never finds any. My dad has had no problems at all with his TomTom.
If you have a smartphone, just use Google Maps app on it...always current maps and FREE! :) well, except for data plan on smartphone...
I would guess whom ever owned it before took their account with them. My wife owns a Garvin also - she bought it because maps and directions are very "trucking" specific.