So...who was the brain child behind running these junker on gasoline? Almost impossible to police. 10 metric $÷#@ tons of carbon buildup stinky, hot running, bad idea. I don't want to hear the old cost saving argument, or "methanol will wear the rings faster, ect
My question would be. Who's idea was it to run these junkers too begin with. I much prefer either an Animal or flathead.
Oh now I remember why they started running them, They were cheap. Only $79 at harbor freight!! That was the reason.
Until Little Johnny showed up.


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If you are coming from the flathead fraternity, these engine will be a far superior platform to build with. You should not be having carbon build up, they should not be stinky, and they do not run hot. Ignore the temp gauge, tune it properly and you will never look back. Welcome aboard OHV is only 70 year old technology.
In 1894, Rudolf Diesel's second Diesel engine prototype was built with a cylinder head featuring push rods, rocker arms, and poppet valves. In 1896, U.S. patent 563,140, awarded to William F. Davis, illustrated a gasoline engine with the same head configuration, patenting his solution to the problem of how to cool the head, which problem had made the overhead valve engine difficult before then. Henry Ford's Quadricycle of 1896 had valves in the head, with push rods for exhaust valves only, the intake using suction valves. In 1898, Detroit bicycle manufacturer Walter Lorenzo Marr built a motor-trike with a one-cylinder OHV engine with push rods for both exhaust and intake.

A lot older than most know. Harley Davidson came out with a mass produced overhead valve engine in 1936 known as the Knuckle head. It even had a roller cam and lifters in it.

By the way, Bob, congratulation on your report. Hope everything stays positive for you.


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You musta got bad gas at the service station.
Never any of the aforementioned problems for us .
If they said I had to burn rocket fuel it would be fine as well .
Gasoline is so much easier to source , I don't mind 😎

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By the way, Buick's patent was actually awarded in 1904.
Patent pending, and actually getting a patent are two different things. :)

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To get back to the original topic, gas or alky or hydrogen or propane or natural gas doesn't make much difference to me.

And IMO, the main impact from the conversion of 4 cycle kart racing to the OHV has been to reduce the number of kart racers in this country by half,- not so much the conversion itself, but the way it was handled.
That, and the organization acronyms changed. :)