Gear choice for 1/8 dirt oval


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New to karting trying to figure out where i should start with my gears. Local track is a 1/8 dirt oval. I have a clone.
Thank you
Provided it's a momentum track pretty much full throttle that your drops on your tach for turns are 500 or less 15/65 ish, if out of throttle some where drops are around 850 14/62 ish, if out of throttle tighter turns drops around 1100 13/59 ish, plus heads up advertised track distance is usually bigger than actual size. If you know nothing about it at all and cannot confirm with someone racing there in the class , I'd roll in with a 14/62 and go from there.

Good Luck !!
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This thread you posted is requesting gearing for flathead not clone, plus this track is a small 1/8 th just pointing this out so the OP does not think it applies same for his clone, but is a prime example of how much gearing can change based on close same size track, the track this request was about is a 12 front, there is another PA track here more central located small 1/8 th but more momentum track and it requires a 15 front driver.