Gear guard for rear spocket question..


yes. does several things
1 keeps your chain on
2. keeps thing like rocks getting between your chain and sprocket
3. Saves your sprocket from rolling over big rocks, lead pucks, broken fiberglass pieces etc both on and off the track
I know they can be a pain sometimes when they bend or changing your sprockets. they've been around too long to be just a fad.


I didn’t run either for a while. Fine in most cases, every time I got spun out I’d trash a chain though.


I guess it's a matter of personal preference , but I always run one and think of it as a bit of an insurance policy for a " you never know " .


When u calculate cost of chains and sprockets, its cheaper to run one.. drill the holes on the outside half 1/64 bigger if need be, but i suggest running one
I had more rock problems when I ran one jams up and spits chain I now run a chain guide and haven't had a problem in over a year gold on gold chain


I won't run without a guard on. The guide I have tried but never liked. Personal preference I guess.

I have always ran a floating gear hub and chains aren't cheap vs a less than $20 guard.

Plus when you went to meet & greet you were laying your cards on the table. At least with the guard they have to look just a little harder lol
I was frustrated with the chain guard and tight/loose(light sprocket carrier was bent) and it was tough to tell what was wrong so i started only using Half the guard. We started to toss chains every time my son would spin or hit someone with the frontend or the rear. After 4-5 dnf's from chains and my wife giving me an earful I finally put the other side back on and my problems went away.


^^^^^ this is a typical scenario you can give it up anytime as soon as you fail to make it to the end of the race you start to realize why it was there in the first place. its a piece of mind ,better safe than sorry kinda thing . could you imagine leading a big money race or a big national and DNF because you thought you were smarter than everyone else? all the top drivers use them if that makes any difference to you.


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Not necessary, but I did loose a championship on asphalt for getting rid of the guard to be able to set a smaller sprocket on a clone class.