Gear help

Kart with me weighs 480, I'm turning 4763 RPM, The track is 1/4 mile. I'm currently running 18/56 gears on a stock predator. Suggestion on gear size to get me to 5200 rpm?


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try a 62 tooth rear gear. adding or subtracting a tooth on the rear adjusts near 100 rpm's

alvin l nunley

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1st try this; add one tooth to the axle sprocket, if you can turn 4,855 RPM, you will be going the exact same speed as you are now. Anything less and you're going slower. If you can't reach that RPM, there's nothing you can do with gear ratios that can get you to 5,200 RPM and still be going anywhere close to the same speed as you're going now!


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Bam . That makes perfect sense . I did that on my HD put on a small enough rear there was not enough power to get too max rpm against a head wind .