Gearing for 1/16 mile dirt track

It's a out of the box preadator to turn only 4900, we raced an indoor event early this spring on a track we had to build in the horse arena that ended up real similiar, and SR Clone to turn 6800 + ended up a 12/65 they put a 12 front driver min gear rule on it OR most would of been on 11/60 ish.
But good point I'd have a 12 driver along.
Question : don't y'all carry a full range of gears with you ?
Yes most do, BUT in some cases guy's just never run anything this small so they do not carry below say a 15, We have everything from a 9 tooth to a 22 tooth driver and 53 to 68 rears. Plus a lot of new guy's don't realize how many different size front drivers are needed, then the predator deal is new and most think you use the same driver as clone.