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Hi, trying to figure out the best gear ratio for my sons kart. He’s running a 12/72 right now and seems not to be gaining any speed. He’s racing today so we will check rpms. Thinking we need to drop the rear a lot. Some info about us;

dirt track, some banking. About 1/10 mile.

we run a predator 212 with green slide. What is the max rpms on that? Or how do I figure that out?

he runs a caged kart. QRC. On Burris treads. He’s 5 years old.

what should gears be? Gear ratio? Should I change driver at all or keep a 12? Just play with rear sprocket till I find best rpms? Thanks for your help!


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We ran treads on a similar track size . With the flathead so more rpms were available . I would try the driver change too a thirteen first .
If you don't want to do a driver change a 68 rear then a 64 ..
Rpm I'm guessing , 4500 .

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Do you have a gauge? We need to know what RPM you're turning at the end of the straight. Do you have a stopwatch? Knowing your turn times and straightaway times would help. Tell us about the engine. Have you done anything to it?Tell us the engine and fuel Rules at your track.