Gearing Question


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If i am on a 1/5 mile track and i want to turn the track in say 13.4 seconds

is there a formula for figuring out what gears i would need to do this ?

I know there is a lot of variables in this scenario that figures into the factor

but leave all that out and every lap is the same as the one before

perfect lap every time
Not that I know of , sorry. Find out what some of the other guys are running and you should be close. But its not just gearing its a combination of tires, set up, engine and seat time. Good luck Chad !
sure thing older n dirt

I realize all the things your talking about as far as the track people and general karting things

just thought there would be an answer if you had a perfect setup, lap times, and the things your speaking of
I agree with dirt.

You cannot set and compare gearing to lap time directly across the board. You cannot do it because it does not take into consideration all the other variables like hp, type of kart, weight, etc..

I just don't think you could input enough stuff to write down and chart if a gear change would reduce or increase lap times. But experience can at times take everything into the picture and allow you to likely know the answer before you make a change. Notice the "can at times" and "likely to know" part of it, there ain't no real answer I can think of for you.
so your gear ratio and tire size, that gets the RPM can not be changed into how many feet the kart will travel per second or minute ?
RPM relates to output of engine to the axle right
chad49x I wish there was such a formula for this application . Maybe someone out there has figured it out , but not that I know of.
I realize all the variables that are involved in the answer I am looking for but
I guess I am trying to find a simple the answer and it cant be done