Get Your 2020 Race Team Shirts Quick!



I have been around this forum for while now, having bought my first kart at the end of last season. Most of you probably don't know me, but I am a professional screen printer located near Clarion, PA. I have been printing shirts and such for about 10 years now.

With the current closure of businesses in the state of PA my work is very slow. This is a GREAT time to order some shirts for your operation!!

I have been involved with 305/ 410 sprint cars in the past and we found that selling t-shirts to anyone with $15-$20 was a great way to be able to make some extra money and go fast. You probably have lots of friends and or family that wouldn't mind kicking you a $20 bill for a shirt, but they probably aren't going to buy you new valve springs or a quart of tire prep. T-Shirts are also a great way to recognize any sponsors that you may have.

In my time as a screen printer, I have NEVER needed to do any sort of advertising. My business come strictly from word of mouth. But in these boring times, I find myself having to try to be a salesman. (something I am not real experienced in) So without rambling on any further here is my proposal for you, plain and simple:

Buy a couple dozen shirts from me, sell them for twice what you paid and buy what you need to go fast!

My pricing is based on quantity, color of the shirt, color(s) of ink, and number of printing locations. You can typically expect to pay between $7 and $12 each per shirt, although prices can be more or less. Of hand, last summer I printed 450 orange shirts with black ink on the front and back for $5 each. I also printed 25 black shirts with 2 colors on the front and back for $12.25 each. A brightly colored shirt with black ink on the front and back is going to be your best bang for your buck.

I strive to understand exactly what each of my customers is looking for and provide that to them. My website shows a small portion of my work because prefer to keep my hand close, away from my competitors eyes. However you can see some things I have done at, or You can contact me here, via my website, via facebook, or call or text 8 one 4-twenty two 9-15 forty four.

I offer free delivery within 20 miles of Clarion, PA, I can ship via UPS (generally about $25 per order), or I can deliver to Slippery Rock when racing gets back underway. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks for your interest!