Getting a 7 year old started


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Looking to get my son started in racing. I grew up around drag racing but I just don’t have the desire to do that anymore. I’ve been looking into racing go karts for awhile now. Been to a few races. Seems fun and I’m sure my son will enjoy it. There’s a few tracks near me with the most local being pa’s in troy South Carolina. I’ve recently read over some rules and they seem simple enough for his age. Now the question is what are some things I should read up on and learn about to help him be successful. Tire prep? Chassis setup? Weights? Good places to look for karts for him? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


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Tire care is one , set up a little more cut and dry then tires .
Quick and simple on tires is get you at least one new set , keep em clean . Start with one prep mfg or source , get your prep advice from them . Yes there are some hot at the moment preps , not for basic's . Another set of used tires for the first few laps or practice . Nothing wore out .
Keep it simple too start .
At the track buying is always good , right out from under a winner is better :) .
Then its commitment and detail . Don't forget to have fun .