Go kart nose


I have seen people run different things on the bottom of their nose pieces. What do most people run? I have seen plastic, foam, tape, landscaping material, what's the best?
Here is the stuff we use. It is very helpful if you have at least 2 sets of hands...


X2 - This is what I use also.

It is self-adhesive, so you just peel the backing off and stick it on. I start at one side, soften it with a heat gun as I go, and smooth it out as you go. You probably don't have to use the heat gun, but it makes it easier to work with and form to the shape of the body. It gets pretty hot with the heat gun, so I just use a glove or a rag to press on the molding so you get good contact and press any bubbles out as you go. You'll have a little hanging into the wheel wells so just use a razor knife to trim if off. Some put a couple pop-rivets at each end, but I've never found that necessary.
I used great stuff inside and two strips of duct tape outside. I have a nose that the floor pan isnt attached due to the fiberglass busting out from a crash but we could still finish the night due to the foam holding it. That cove base looks like it would work well. I think i'll give it a shot.
get a can of expanding foam in a aeresol can and spray it into the nose, make sure to get it between the nose and front bumper real good, the foam expands as it hardens and gives you a good layer of cushion in case you hit someone. The foam on the inside and a layer of the baseboard stuff on the outside will work great for protecting your nose. What i like to do is get some fiberglass and sand down the inside of the nose a little bit then add about 1/2" thick fiberglass to the inside of the nose all the way around to make it nice and thick. It doesnt add alot of weight when you do it right, but can if you add too much fiberglass. My noses on my bodys are 1/2" sometimes 3/4" thick and hard to bust. Usually when one does break its right where the front of the nose meets the bottom, along the edge, so thats the spot i try to thicken up the best, all the way around the front of the nose. The top part of it doesnt need thickened, just the middle and bottom part all the way around.

Would be nice to see some body manufacturers make a nice thick nose about 3/4" thick, they would last alot longer if they would, even if they was expensive it would be worth it not to have to buy a new body every 5 races!
We use home insulation foam inside. We gorilla glue a couple of strips of duct tape and then spray two cans of foam in the nose. Wait about 15-20 minutes, push it in, use gloves, and repeat twice. We have between 6-8 cans in the nose. Let dry overnight and carve out for full range on pedals. In 2010 Jon hit a four inch steel post at 40 mph and didn't hurt the kart or body. Jon however hurt his ankle and whapped his head. He's ok now. More or less.