Going from drag racing to karting.


I’ve been drag racing (street cars) for a while now. Decided to make the switch over to dirt oval. I’ve been wheeling a buddies 06 Icon with a crazy built 212 hemi.

Mainly ride on a 1/10 clay flat track. Everyone runs treaded tires.

I’m going this weekend to pick up a deuce chassis (used).

This forum has given me a ton of great info so far. Looking forward to getting more and more into this sport and probably getting some karts for my kids.

Plan on building a track on my property as well.
My family does drag racing and I am switching over from a jr dragster that my family got for me and so i cant fit in that anymore so I am gonna get into karting, I have been working a lot lately when I am not in school or doing sport so that way I can fund this because I have an agreement with my dad that I will pay for a majority of it because he bougth everything for the jr so I plan to turn my old beat up kart into a very nice older kart. Plan to race drag cars when I get older but I think karting might be something I take very suriosly in the future because it is so much cheaper compared to drag racing, still have to spend a lot of money but not as much as you spend in drag racing.
Welcome to the forum. Visit your local track and watch a few races. Go into the pits and ask a lot of questions. You will find karters to be a generally friendly bunch and provide you with valuable information. There is usually people selling new and used equipment at very good prices. Any form of racing is expensive, buy what u can afford and have a great time!


I raced stock cars and drag raced before karting. I got my son into karts to give us something to do together and so he had something of his own. His sisters like hunting, trapping and fishing. They go along checking my trapline but he has never enjoyed those things. He doesn’t play sports so we tried kart racing. Now he is racing sprint cars and karts both and his one sister is racing karts. He wants to get into bracket racing next summer and work on building a drag car later. This year for the first time I raced one of the karts.