google searches and results?


When I search certain specific karting related questions on google, from the google search results that pop up, I find most of the time they have already been posted and answered here on But when I click the link to show the thread it takes me to home page, rather than the thread with the answers I am looking for. When I use the search function on this site I either cant find what I am looking for or else i have to search thru pages of results to find what popped right up on google. Is there a way to get directly to the thread links that pop up in my google search results? Thanks for any help!


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It’s an ongoing issue. The direct links on google search are hit or miss. It’s slowly coming around though! A few months ago it would homepage every post.

Bob Evans

Since I've moved to the new server, I've been able to get a redirect script working that translates most of the old links showing up on google to the correct page on the new site.
Some of them won't work because there's no translation to the new forum, like Activity Stream, or user profiles. And some that link to Forums won't work, because some have been combined with other forum topics.
But most of the links to posts should work.