gps for a boat

im looking for a gps system for a smaller fishing boat. we are headed in the spring to a 8900 acre lake and i thought a simple gps would be helpful. im looking for one that displays mph, and capable of "marking" hot spots in the lake where the fish are biting. not looking to spend a fortune. any suggestions? im thinking a small hand held device woulld be fine. thanks
Dana, check out the fish finders at Walmart. Some of them have gps built into them. The one we have tells us if there's fish, water depth and also tells us the water temp. It's made by Humminbird. Or you can always use your cell phone.
a fish finder with gps would be best. I take my auto gps to the lakewe go to save the locations and camp so as not to get lost. works to get back to the spots we caught fish. when trolling I already know pretty much where I want to go it helps though to fine tune the route. by following the markers . countinue to destination via or show map on a garmin. a couple bouys helps with location asle amazing how far off you can be and still be in the spot.
Check out Magellan's handheld at Bass Pro shops or Gander Mountain. You can probably find some on Ebay or Amazon.
Garmin handhelds are awesome - been using them for years... highway, camping, hiking, boating (on 50,000 acres)... and they hold up very well - get the weatherproof ruggedized ones.
I ended up picking up an older garmin emap off of ebay. hardly paid anything for it, if it don't work, ill pitch it in the lake lol.. thanks again for the input fellas