Great showing of RWYB's at TX kart nationals!


Wanted to give a hats off to all the Rwyb guys that showed up at the 1st annual TX kart nationals in Alvarado. I believe there was a total of 14 karts, wide variety of engine combo's, the winner was on a mod animal, saw some Tecumseh stars, 250/500 2 strokes, I believe 2nd was a big block clone (nice run Shackelford), a couple Sudams, just a great mix, track was a sandy little bullring, so really equalized the big Hp motors. Hope we can keep building this class in the north TX area!

Matt (kart#87)
Rwyb @ texas kart nationals

Yes sir Matt. It was a pretty good showing. Multi kart/engine package and all competitive.
Very Happy to have been a part. The track was nice and fun to drive on. Todd did a good job prepping it.

I hope we get to get some races together this year.
We have a few tracks I think we can do something between Kam, Cactus, and The Kart Track..
and any others that would like to get in on some RWYB action. !

Good to final meet you. Good Luck with that upcoming new baby.

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