Greg Dingess at Margay Karts


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If you are looking for an American made sprint kart look no further, Greg helped me get into a great new kart, I had a certain budget in mind and Greg was able to get me into purpose built four stroke kart, the kart had many great features and I was able to pick and choose what I did and did not want, but Greg advised me on each item and it's value and benefit, and if I really need the certain option at club racing level. All in I I ended up with a great kart that a 6'4" guy can fit into as they make what they call a limo version. The best part about the whole deal was Greg's patience's and customer service, he's really a class act. If your a road racer check out Margay Karts.

LOL. Had the same service from Keith at Margay. They even mounted my seat for a 6 foot 2 in guy like me. The customer service from margay is hands down the best.