We recently raced Clay City Purple plate
2015 Slack Axiom
Lynd motor 3 race
Burris 33A Tire Rule

Qualified 1st: .67 faster than 2nd
Burris 33A Duro 58 Two coats Gambler Purple w/ good grip
2 disc bully w/ 16/63 gearing. We turned 5850 RPM

My question:
I left things alone. We got passed in turn 1 but got the lead back at lap 11/15 and won. The kart that passed us was quicker in the straights but slower than us in the turns.

first year racing. Should I have went up on pressure and added a tooth
I'm more concerned with rpm drop than rpm peak. Without knowing that information, it's kind of difficult to recommend changing the gearing.
I suspect you were not turning enough rpm for your engine....Lynd should be able to provide you with that info according to how the engine dyno'd. Personally, I like to work on momentum with small plate classes. Get up on air for increased roll speed, and increase bite in the tires to retain sidebite with the higher air. For sure be up on air from what you were running previously at your local track IIRC.

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