GX160 Build


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So I got a GX160 motor and I am making a go kart with it. I don't intend to race or anything like that. I do however want to do some mods to make the kart go faster and the engine more powerful. So one of the things I'm seeing is that after removing the governor and adding heavier springs etc., you should get a billet connecting rod. I am looking at the connecting rods ARC sells ($60 ones) but I want to know if they will fit in my engine with a stock cylinder and crank. I haven't taken it apart yet so I don't know what kind of cylinder it has. I also want to know to what RPM are these connecting rods safe.


You are going to put a lot of money, in an older engine that is choked with a very small carb, it has a small discplacement. My advice is buy a clone or predator 6.5. You have horse power to start stock 2* what an old 160 will have. It will be cheaper.