GX160 standard piston-ring materials?


Am I allowed to ask what peoples opinions are regarding the standard Piston-ring materials. I suspect/guess the following:

Top ring - chrome plated steel or iron?

2nd ring - Iron?

3rd oil control rings - chrome plated steel?

But I'm guessing, any opinions welcome, I have some old rings so I will pull them apart tonight, I guess if they fracture easily they are iron.


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Top and Sec are iron.
Take an old ring and open it up and see if it breaks. If it's iron it will snap. I'm betting it's chrome or moly coated.
I don't know what the config of the oil ring is so I can't tell you. One piece, 2 piece or 3 piece.


I only just seen your reply, many thanks for that, yes I would now agree the UT2 1st and 2nd rings are Iron, I found on the NPR site, who I believe are the supplier of rings to Honda that their standard stationary engine ring package is an Iron top ring, I believe the top ring is chrome coated on the basis that its shiny.......the new series of engines that are coming to the UK, which people are calling the T3 that are now compliant the new Euro5 emissions standards have a thinner top ring, I'm betting its therefore changed to steel for less blow-by and less wear over life, whereby I believe a lighter ring does not float around as much, so therefore controls blow-by better........certainly when I measure blow-by on my dyno the peak blow-by occurs around 3-4000rpm.......which is where all these generators run.