GX390 Compression Release


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I received a new cam for my big block clone for Christmas from Dyno. I notice it has a compression release built into it. How many of you guys running these leave them on versus take them off?
If you want to keep your arm in socket then I would recommend keeping it in tact. It is very hard to pull start a motor without it.
mine has been removed ! that is a crapshoot having that compression release slinging around inside a expensive engine at 7500 rpm .

are you going Mild or Wild with your build ??
If you are using a pull starter you will have to keep the compression relief.
It's not really as bad a situation as people make it out to be.
IF you have an electric starter, remove the compression relief. If this leaves a hole
in the cam, it will need to have a pin put in it, and welded.

Preferably, if you use an electric starter, send it back to Dyno and have them "fix" it.
I would take it off, I had one come off on a Honda Gx-200 open motor and went between the crank gear and cam gear....busted the block and the side cover.
The problem you will have with the compression release is, if you run high spring pressure the lever will bend down causing it to stick open or closed.Sticking closed is not as bad as sticking open is.If you are using a hand held starter you don need it anyway, but if you are using the stock Honda electric starter you will need a compression release of some kind because it doesn't have enough torque to start without one. All of this is only if you have a high compression open type engine.
took mine out last night and even my electric starter now struggles to get it started. im gonna need a 24v setup lol