Have i missed something?


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The other day I saw a 6.5 clone with electric start. Do you think it will or could make it in the kart world? The possibility seems nice.
I agree with XXX, why would anyone need it in the stock classes when they are easy enough to start as they are?
TaG is quite different setup than a clone also Al. These engines start on the first crank unless you really have something set up wrong like the carb settings
You can easily pull start a stock world formula as well, BUT I'm here to shout, the elect start is dang nice :)
My guess is that if you mod. an engine to run any open class, the orig. starter will have problems, like on cold days.
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The 1-man teams appreciate electric start. There's usually no shortage of people on the grid offering to crank you, but it's always best to have everything covered.
Watch the tag classes, see how much their drivers hate the electric start.

I watch and do a lot of Tag racing and don't see that hate of on board electric start Tags. In fact some of the newest shifter motors have them as well. What I hate is having to carry around a starter for mod motors or anytime any part on my kart doesn't work right. I really hate it when a rope start knocks that heck out of my hand just before I have to use it to win a race. Knock on wood, My on board rotax starter still works after 7 years of use.
I ran microstocks with wf engines years ago, the electric start was nice...when it worked...had lots and lots of problems with them