Have you seen this Predator


Ok, I picked up a harbor freight sale paper and there is a picture of a 212 predator I have not seen yet. The add says it's the 60363 but I have 8 of those and unless the put the same number on this engine it is different. It looks a lot like a Loncin engine, but look closely at the picture. What is that under the cylinder head. Never seen that on any engine before. Looking to get my hands on one if I can.


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I'll chk on it out here (CA) Bennie! Obviously That pic and the mod# don't match! Might I ask why ur 'so' interested in 'it'? What do I need-to-know...specifically?
PS: one might guess it has something 2do w/EPA!
Picked it up at HF today.

I'm wondering if that might be a rev limiter on that engine. I don't see no spark plug wire?
The valve cover on it looks to be weird shaped from the picture also, like it has a sort of curve in the top and bottom edge but sides are strait. looks weird for sure. So you picked it up, what have you found out about that box under the head? Was it a rev limiter or something of that sort? Also, no spark plug wire at all??
Bennie what is that on the front side of the gas tank in the picture, is that the electric start?
I don't have one, I am trying to find one to see what is unique about it. I believe that is an electric start in front, not sure what the box is. If HF has a picture of one then they must have the engine also, right?
The thing under the valve cover looks like an carbon filter emission device that I used to see on a lot of the HF water pump engines. California emissions? In that case they had a hose to the intake, the gas tank and their was some kind of check valve emissions attached to the muffler
i was in HF today and saw two of the 363's under the table. neither of them looked like this! i'm wondering if the graphic arts department too a picture of the larger engine and pasted the 212 cover on it....ain't looking a thing like the hemi head (which is the number!!).....
WOW No Spark Plug Wire It's A New Internet Super Secret Ignition System So Karters Can't Mess W/Them Actually its a 69736 CARB 13 HP 420cc engine cut&pasted But )
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System (if so equipped)
EGR valve body, and carburetor spacer.
EGR rate feedback and control system.
Air Injection System
Air pump or pulse valve.
Valves affecting distribution of flow.
Distribution manifold.
Catalyst or Thermal Reactor System (if so equipped)
Catalytic converter.
Thermal reactor.
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I did not say it had no spark plug wire. I said I can't see one. Why do people not read the whole sentence before replying. LOL