Hawk racing chassis? Legend clone?

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Hello has anyone heard of the hawk chassis? My chassis looks like a legend chassis but says hawk chassis on it, I can’t find anything on a hawk chassis at all, what is this chassis really called?


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Yes , XXX40 is correct 05 or there abouts .


Speaking of Joey i havent seen anything of him for a while now. He helped me out quite a bit. Anyone know why he disappeared?


Keith Hawk built the kart frames . Joey was with him for awhile and last I talked to him he was with Ultamax. At one time I owned two of them and a new bare frame, I bought one from Edwards out of Parkersburg Iowa and the other from their neighbor. Its a neat kart and finicky but dialed in there good.


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Hawk chassis used legend caster blocks, spindle, and nerf bars. I won the 2005 ikf nationals with mine. Do you still have your's? I'd like to buy one back just to restore and have around