Head and rod bolts in new assembly


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Do you apply a dab of grease to the threads, or a drop of oil before assembly.
The old motor had some type of lube, I don't want to screw this up, its my first complete motor assembly.
on the rod bolts, if it's a billet rod, check the manufacturers specs....some will tell you that if you put a light coating of oil, then you need to torque it to XXX, otherwise, torque it to XX. assembly lube is usually used only for a coating on moving parts (i liike to put a little on the cam lobes and journal), but building my own engines too, i don't put anything on the bolts unless it's a small dot of red or blue locktite!!
typically motor oil. on a clone rod, personaly I would use blue Loctite
just for the insurance. we'll see what some of the others have to say
seems to me that I'm gonna get me a bottle before my son and I start on our new builds! thanks youngengines!