Head Centering Washers (KT100)


I bought this blown up KT100 and it had these 2 head washers on it that allow you to take the head off and put it back on in the same place. My question is how do you set these up so the washers hold the head on center? The bushings underneath are tapered, do you bolt the head down on center then force the 2 washers into the aluminum? Do you make a jig that centers the head on those two holes before you cut it? Just wondering what is usually done.

I use them on my kt and the best why to explain them is. Put them on the studs that are in line with the shafts. Make sure they are centered with the taper down in the stud holes on the head. Then tighten them slightly. Then slightly tighten the nuts on the other two studs. Now begin to torque the studs beginning with the two that have the tapers on them. Use a three step torque sequence 1/3 the final torque at each time. After the first torque step on all four. Do the final torque steps with a cris cros pattern. That will center the head
My experience with the older style head is that the holes for the head studs are not usually on center with the spark plug hole because, the holes are cast in. Using a mandrel for the spark plug hole to cut the head then trying to center it with the stud holes would have mixed results.