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Hopefully the info before the crash gets on here. I need to re torque the head on my kart. Was teched according to my buddy the previous owner. Looks like I've seen that it's 140-150...is that foot pounds? Also, is there a sequence?
I always start with the bolts on either side of the wrist pin and then work my way out from there. Just my preference, not sure if that is the best way.
read jimmy glens book its th bible man . its all in there withoutvhavin to look at models no one alive has ever seen best motor tool ive bought for a flat head
Briggs 4 Cycle Inch Pounds
Cylinder head 140 - 150
Side cover 75 - 80
Carb to block 75
Rod bolts (Briggs) 100 - 110
Rod bolts (Billet rod) 175
Exhaust bolts 75
Engine mount 150 - 160
Flywheel 75 foot pounds
Front Center, rear center, left rear, right front, right rear, left front, left center, right center. (As the engine sits on the kart -- looking at it from behind the kart - if that makes any sense to you.) That's the order I torque them in; 10"# at a time up to 135"# with the Briggs or other soft graphite style head gaskets. I only go to 150"# if I'm using the Burris (Honda style) metal head gasket and be sure that you finish hone the cylinder with a torque plate torqued to the appropriate amount for the gasket that you are using.

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Or if it's easier you can use this:

Cylinder Head: 12 ft lbs
Side Cover: 7 ft lbs
Carb to Block: 7 ft lbs
Rod Bolts (Briggs): 9 ft lbs
Rod Bolts (Billet): 15 ft lbs
Exhaust Bolts: 7 ft lbs
Engine Mount: 13 ft lbs
Flywheel: 75 ft lbs