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What is everyone doing for visor fog up prevention? My 5 year old son is racing now and I can't keep his helmet from fogging up. I have only tried alcohol and then rainx antifog wipes. I think part of the problem is the neck brace doesn't allow any air flow. Will the nose mouth shield fix that or pin lock? Do they really work? His helmet seems to be much worse than others. It's a cheap helmet he grows so fast went cheap is that the problem? The reason I ask that is cause my helmet fogs constantly also just not as bad it's a bell star. I guess I'm asking is pinlock a must? Is the mouth nose cover a must? The mouth nose cover concerns me a little if a bad wreck happens I don't want breathing hindered at all. Do the guys with all the decals on their masks have pinlocks and the decals hide the line? Thanks for any and all input.
Filing a couple of notches in the face shield to allow some air movement will do wonders. Depending on the gasket/seal, you may have to trim a bit of that away as well. I prefer to notch the bottom of the shield behind the corners of the mouth, and the top of the shield behind the eyes (two notches top and bottom.)
All the typical anti-fog suggestions "help" but unless you are moving air through the helmet, it will continue to fog up.
Shaving cream works about as good as anything I've tried. I didn't care for the strong smell of dish soap, but that helps also.

DO NOT leave the face shield partially open while racing -- it should be in the locked position for safety reasons.

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Tell him to hold his breath, he will also drive faster. Seriously any eye glass place will have a anti-fog stick. Just rub it on the visor.


A trick that used to help me when fogging started to show up was pulling my lower lip (and teeth) in a pit and bringing my upper lip out and down a bit, so that exhaling through my mouth would go down, rather than forward toward the shield, then inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth. Might not help in your son's case, but worth a try.

I didn't know Rain-x made anti-fog wipes, but back when I still needed to wear a helmet, they sold anti-fog fluid in the same type of small squirt bottle that regular Rain-x came in, and it worked very well. Might look and see if they still market that.
keep the helmet warm. Put it in the trailer next to a small heater. Or in the floor of the truck next to heat outlet. Heat it with a hair dryer. Don't put it on till last minute.
Baby shampoo will help.
And all the other methods mentioned will help also.

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Shaving cream (has to be the foaming type). Put a little on a rag and wipe it in till it disappears. Once you put moisture on it and wipe it off it goes away and has to be reapplied. I do that on gun scopes also, can go from outside to inside and will not fog.