helmet for driver who wear glasses

anybody know what helmet is good for people who wear glasses.......and flat kart is snell m2010 and champ is sa2010 correct? or can you wear an sa rated in a flat kart?
SA and M 2005 12/20/2016 - Go-Karts and Champ Karts
K 2005 12/20/2016 - Go-Karts and Champ Karts
CMS 2007 (Youth Helmet) 12/20/2016 - Go-Karts and Champ Karts
CMR 2007 (Youth Helmet) 12/20/2016 - Go-Karts and Champ Karts
M 2010 12/20/2021 - Go-Karts only; not Champ Karts
SA 2010 12/20/2021 - Go-Karts and Champ Karts
Note: Snell SA 2000 and M 2000 Helmets are no longer legal

if you run a champ you don't want a M rated. the big difference between an m and sa are two things . First sa have a nomex liner m have a nylon, the second is m are not tested for several impacts to a roll bar like an sa is. bottom line get a 2005-2010 sa and you can wear it for anything. I have a new 05 med g-force I'd sell cheap if you are interested. never used it just tried it on
Having worn glass most of my life I can still appreciate the problem with glasses although I no longer need them (lens implants). Something worth looking into is a modular helmet in which the chin guard flips up with the shield so you don't have to wiggle glasses through the opening. In the past, modular helmets have only been DOT certified. I understand there is now a manufacturer with one that is Snell 2010 certified. May be worth looking into for future reference.
I used to wear glasses all the time when I raced and had the problem of either getting my glasses through the shield or have them wiggle during the race. I went from a impact champ to a bell k1 and noticed a huge difference. For one the padding around the top of the ear is a lot more, of course the shield Is bigger to get your glasses on as well. But for the most part my glasses do not fall/wiggle as much neither. But then again different head sizes come to play with how a helmet fits. Best thing to do is try on multiple different helmets to find a good comfort fit.
thanks for all the info....i already have a g-force 2005 sa rated helmet i used in champs... and it does ok with my glasses....i will just wear it in my flat kart as well..thanks again