Helmet Restraint

I had my first flat kart race last night and raced 2 classes. By the time I was finished with 2 rounds of practice and 2 12-lap heat races my neck was shot. I couldn't keep my head up to see where I was going. I'm wearing a bell snell rated m2015 helmet and the kart brand neck collar with the wedge down the back..

I've been looking for a restraint device and have looked at a drag racing chin strap, a simpson helmet restraint that attaches to the helmet and goes under the armpit and I've also seen the valhalla 360.

I picked up a simpson helmet restraint from the parts trailer last night. Would that benefit in keeping my chin down as well as keeping it off my right shoulder?

Does the valhalla 360 help keep your head restrained or are the straps just to keep it on during the race?

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Work on developing your neck muscles. It will help tremendously in the event of a crash as well.
A helmet tether can help considerably in the meantime (wraps around your shoulder and attaches to the D-ring on the side of your helmet. Yes, it will help keep your head centered and chin down as well.
I don't recommend Hans (or similar) devices for flat karts (only champs) because they are rigid in design.
The 360 does alright. You might try that. It's rigid as well, but doesn't come up hear as high as the Hans, etc.

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