Helmet spikes

BrendanFitz #73

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I need some helmet spikes that ate like 8 inches tall so I can keep my Mohawk style going on the track just like off the track.

Everyone suggests drilling holes in my helmet to fit it in lol :)
install them on 1/16" or 1/8 lexan then liquid nail them but think there are tech on them 8" too long
artical 7-102.459 only 6.37"allowed.
This might help or give you some ideas.

rubber spikes:


ps... maybe if you tell us what color Mohawk you have we can better fit in our ideas? What's the sense of having a Mohawk if it's not colored? I think anything less then safety orange is just common with no personality to it. ... :)

Yeah Paul it's pink. I did it for breast cancer awareness and I got 2 ribbons on the back of my head.
try cutting some from foam rubber, I did years ago and then painted them to look like thorns for a beetle juice costum. Worked great and the won't hurt anything