HELP! bouncing off corners


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Has anyone had this problem with there chassis and how did you fix it? my tire are not to soft. I was told the axle has when soft ( flexing to much) but I have never heard of that before. It feels like it loads and unloads making it bounce. I have had from 58 cross to 68 cross and still bounces.
it sounds like you are in what I call lock down the kart is getting to much traction then it will break traction. I would say try a harder tire or run more air in the right side tires
Yeah I was having this problem when the track would bite up and I wouldn't adjust for the track conditions and this would happen to me. More air in the right sides usually helps.
All good advice... you have too much bite in the left rear and you need to take some out of it through the turn. you can do that with wedge or air pressure.